My name is Ed Rivas and I have been helping individuals and businesses with their life insurance needs since 1980. My goal has always been to obtain the greatest amount of benefit for the lowest possible cost for all of my clients. Life insurance is the only thing we sell and it is our specialty. If you are in perfect health, we can obtain the lowest rate for you.

If you have any kind of medical condition i.e. diabetes, cancer history, etc. we can secure the lowest rate from among the 45 companies we are contracted with and we are also affiliated with a group of independent underwriters who help negotiate ratings with the various insurance carriers.

We are very experienced in family needs planning as well as the myriad of business issues. When it comes to the legal issues surrounding life insurance you will not find a more knowledgeable company. Whether it be in the estate planning world or issues surrounding business owners and executives, this is all we do. Why not work with the pros as opposed to an agent who only sells the occasional policy?

Cherry Hill Financial, as advisors believe that our value comes from listening carefully to what our clients say, their needs and of course their wants. Cherry Hill Financial uses decades of experience to tailor a program that will best meet their needs.

When you work with Cherry Hill Financial, every client receives 7 day a week access to discuss any urgent questions or concerns. Cherry Hill Financial believes that the client should have constant access to their advisor. Cherry Hill Financial is one of the few firms in the country that is open on the weekends. We are here to provide you the best and quickest customer service in the industry today. You will also be scheduled for twice-a-year strategy sessions, to discuss your portfolios to maximize your returns and for you to understand where and why you are invested in certain places.