Cherry Hill Financial

Hello, my name is Ed Rivas and I am the President of Cherry Hill Financial. CHF has been helping clients with their financial planning since 1979. It all starts with a plan and strategy. As a trusted partner, Cherry Hill Financial can help you implement income strategies, maximize your benefits and grow your wealth for the future.

Cherry Hill Financial is an independent fee based investment management firm. Additionally, we are an independent life insurance agency with clients in 48 states. CHFC and CLU accredited, CHF can secure the lowest rate from amongst the 45 companies we are contracted with, even if you have a medical condition.

Our goal is to customize a plan to help you build a secure retirement by reducing risks and anticipating all possible future scenarios. We have the experience and wisdom you can trust so you will be confident in every financial decision. Cherry Hill Financial, providing great customer service, knowledge, value, and trust since 1979.

Cherry Hill Financial has been helping individuals and businesses with their life insurance needs since 1980. Our goal has always been to obtain the greatest amount of benefit for the lowest possible cost for all of our clients. Life insurance is the only thing we sell and we are well versed in the various products. If you are in perfect health, we can obtain the lowest rate for you.

If you have any kind of medical condition, i.e. diabetes, cancer history etc. we can secure the lowest rate from among the 45 companies we are contracted with. We are also affiliated with a group of independent underwriters who help negotiate ratings with the various insurance carriers.

Some of our products and services include; Estate Planning, Universal Life, Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, and Long Term Care

Contact us today to see how we can help get you a better life insurance plan at a better rate. Cherry Hill Financial is your home for life insurance!