Hello everyone, my name is Ed Rivas and I am the owner of Cherry Hill Financial located in Cherry Hill New Jersey.

What I would like to talk about today are the new index annuities. Due to dramatic improvements that have been made, they are now tremendous vehicles for people of all ages and especially for those who are at or near retirement.

In the past, only the old annuities were available. If you really analyzed them, they limited the growth potential to policy holders and in some cases extremely so. For example, I met one woman in Florida that had an annuity that tracked the S&P 500 and no matter how well that index performed, her growth was limited to 1.55%.

The new annuities are different, in that if set correctly, the policy holder can earn as much as or even more than the total return on the index, with no cap on its growth. In other words, it is now possible to get market like returns while at the same time having your values protected against any downside movement.
For the consumer, this is as good as it gets. For a free consultation and for a cash flow analysis, we can sit down and see if an annuity is appropriate for part of your portfolio. Please call me at 609-304-8260.

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