Cherry Hill Financial can help you put your assets under management.

Many people in today’s world are favoring an assets under management approach. It is an approach where one deposits one’s money at a reputable big name firm and has a management team navigate the waters. There are many different approaches for asset management. One approach can favor income and another can favor growth. The approach I favor is one which combines many of these approaches under one roof and shifts funds from one sector to another based on what economic and market indicators are telling us. It is an approach which looks at both domestic and foreign stock markets, bonds, commodities and real estate alternatives. It is a strategy which places an emphasis on minimizing losses in a down market and thereby not needing to be as aggressive while the market is climbing. It is a strategy where managers can go long if the market looks positive and short if the situation looks negative. This is an emotion free strategy based on reams of data. Historically, this type of portfolio has done well and their investors have been able to sleep better because of the reduction in volatility.

WealthGuard™ is a complete portfolio monitoring system. Designed by determining the amount of downside risk a client is willing to tolerate, WealthGuard™ is added to client accounts to help protect from downside risk. WealthGuard™ is not a stop loss strategy. When the account value in the portfolio hits the targeted downside value, an alert is sent to the client, advisor, and money manager. The money manager trades the account as indicated on the WealthGuard™ agreement.

There is no guarantee the exact WealthGuard™ value will be captured, or assets will be traded or liquidated the same day the WealthGuard™ value is reached due to time of day and/or market restrictions. WealthGuard™ is not responsible for any tax implications that may result due to the liquidation or trading of the holdings. FormulaFolio Investments is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the information used to prepare your WealthGuard™ percentages.

WealthGuard™ does not make any representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied, regarding investing in securities or investment products. WealthGuard™ makes no warranties to the legality or suitability of any investment product.