Medicare Supplements

Cherry Hill Financial continues to offer our clients additional services. More and more clients are approaching retirement age and with that comes decision time about both Medicare and Medicare supplements. Medicare is great medical coverage for retirees but there are many gaps involving co-pays and deductibles that can bring the out of pocket expenses for extended hospital stays to approach one-hundred thousand dollars. There are several plans offered for Medicare supplements; they are given lettered names from A to N. As an example, every insurance company’s plan F is identical as the plans themselves are designed by Medicare. The only differences are which company you purchase the plan from, the quality of service from that insurance company, and the premiums charged by that insurance company. Cherry Hill Financial will personally generate a spreadsheet comparison for every company offering coverage in your zip code so you can decide which company would be best for you. Let our 37 years in the insurance industry help you select the best Med-Sup policy for yourself. Call Cherry Hill Financial at 609-304-8260. We are open 7 days a week from 9AM to 9PM.

Did you know that certain, specially designed life insurance policies are excellent retirement plans? With these policies, it is possible to have your money grow on a tax deferred basis and then come out tax free at retirement. In other words, why put money away in a regular retirement account and get small deductions today, and then when you retire, you get to pay income tax on a much larger amount of money? We can show you how to maximize your retirement income by using one of these plans and can show you how this will exceed what you are doing today.